What we do

As a Family Office we invest our money and reputation in a innovative and success business stories.

Our business lines

Two are the main business lines of Systema Capital:

·1· Assessment of needs of company or project and decide what can be the best way of funding it.

We put in contact the company with different parties that can finance the project (banks, investors, funds, crowdfunding).

From time to time, our company invest directly in projects or companies where there is strong opportunity in terms of return, networking and strategic opportunity.

·2· We have developed a new asset class in Spain: Litigation Funding.

As a litigation funder we offer finance on a case by case basis for high value litigation claims, where the claimant lacks the resources or risk appetite to proceed without financial support.

Our funding is typically non-recourse, with Systema’s return payable only upon success. The terms of investment and of our return are tailored for each case.

How we work

We employ a number of lawyers and other professionals, highly qualified and experienced in Spanish jurisdiction.

​We help claimants form a preliminary view on the merits of their case, and can introduce them to the best professionals to handle the case.

Deals done

Would you like to know more about our experience?

If you are faced with the need to have an opinion on your business project

The Systema Capital can perform an analysis and give you a diagnosis.